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┃System Development

We are also well-experienced in system development.
Integrating many years of experience in the energy business and Iforcom Group's IT technology, we answer to many of your needs and requests.
  • Visualization system (web and tablet application (iOS/Android) )
  • Collection of measurement data, management and analysis system
  • Measuring instrument (demand monitoring equipment, control device, power meter and controller)
  • Power generation measurement system (solar energy and wind power)



  • Original visualization systems for the following:
    BEMS operators
    HEMS operators
    Manufacturers of wind power generation equipments
    Manufacturers of solar energy generation equipments
    Manufacturers of power measurement equipments
  • Visualization system for GHP gas consumption
  • Visual screen for digital signages

■Hardware System

  • Development of electricity, gas, and water measuring instruments for household use.
  • Development of power measuring instruments for panelboard systems (corporate use).
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