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Reliable techniques for electric cost reduction

ecokaizen's goal is not consulting to increase knowledge on energy conservation. Rather, it is to master electric cost reduction techniques and to apply them to company-wide energy conservation activities.

■Four points for electric cost reduction

1. Working in the correct sequence
2. Creating challenges where results can be felt
3. Recognizing employee merits
4. Being role models as management executives

In a span of 2 months, you will not only learn energy conservation techniques but also experience electric cost reduction.

Flow of operational electric cost reduction

Through the ecokaizen curriculum, awareness in energy and environment management as well as cost administration is raised, an eco-keeper who will set an example is trained, and promptly effective electric cost reduction is implemented.

Eco-keeper: employee (can be a part-timer) in-charge of energy conservation practices

Assistance on energy conservation

■Seminar on electric cost reduction

We provide assistance on establishing an energy conservation system and electric bill reduction.

■ecokaizen program planning

Consolidating information such as the target electric cost reduction, identified relevant equipments, and summary of counter-measures for peak periods, etc. on an illustrative report to ensure electric cost reduction for your company.
Plan Do Check Action We are often told that energy conservation efforts do not last long, or that they do not yield continuous effects. There is a reason for this.
For successful energy conservation and continuous effects to take place, a simple mechanism where people can participate in is needed.
With ecokaizen, we will assist with the PDCA cycle and its continuous utilization. Operational improvement services through continuous utilization of PDCA are also available.

For actual industry-specific installation examples, please click here.

Techniques for Energy Conservation

Through Ecopro21 and the visualization of energy consumption, further analysis will lead to an understanding of when and how energy conservation should take place.
At the same time, through ecokaizen and the understanding of operational techniques in dealing with industry-specific specialized equipment, problems can be identified and determined.
With only the knowledge on electricity and equipment, as well as experience in your current workplace, you can easily discover issues regarding energy conservation.
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