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┃Ecopro21: Electricity Visualization and Peak-Cut

Electricity Visualization

There are 2 main points in reducing electricity charges.
1. In a span of 30 minutes, when and how much was the highest electricity usage?

...Analyzed using the graph height

2. When and how much was there wasteful electric consumption?

...Analyzed using the graph area

total Electricity bills are calculated based on the sum of "basic charge" and "usage fee".
If there is no visualization...
Without knowing the reduction points, it is impossible to tell if power conservation efforts are effective.
You might still be paying for wasteful energy consumption every month!

With energy visualization tool Ecopro21:

You can easily check power consumption in real-time, anywhere!
With visible "peaks" and "wasteful usage", appropriate solutions can be carried out to reduce both basic charges and usage fees.

Saving on basic charges through peak-cuts

In a span of one year, the highest energy usage for 30 minutes (demand) is the "contract demand" which determines the basic fees.
By peak-cutting and reducing contract demand, basic rates can be reduced throughout the year.

■Attaining peak-cuts through Ecopro21!

1. Knowing the timing of peak occurrences through visualization
Identifying periods with peak trends.
(Opening hours? During the day? In the evening? At night?)

Carry out careful use of electricity during those periods.

Peak-cut is achieved!
2. Alarm system for advance notification of peak occurrence
If energy consumption reaches a previously set target, an alarm notification will go off.

Temporary restriction of energy usage without affecting business affairs.

Peak-cut is achieved!

Saving on usage fees through "reducing wasteful consumption"

Ecopro21 is also a visualization system showing wasteful energy consumption.
It offers user-friendly analysis graphs anchored on more than 10 years of know-how and numerous reduction track records, enabling non-experts to easily understand wasteful energy consumption.

Comparative graph showing electric consumption in one-week (7 days)
Horizontal: time, vertical: electric consumption in kW
Identifying causes of wasteful energy consumption is the first step to determining effective countermeasures.

Feat: reduction of wasteful energy consumption!

"Visualization" for energy management

Corporate energy management is needed to optimize energy costs and to terminate wasteful expenses. This cannot be achieved without an energy visualization system.
By implementing energy management, various company merits can be obtained such as optimization of energy costs, employees' increased cost awareness, and increased corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions, etc.
【PDCA Cycle for Energy Management】
  • Plan    Creating an energy-saving plan
  • Do      Executing the plan
  • Check   Checking and verifying the results
  • Action  Carrying out further improvements
"Visualization" is an important mechanism on which the PDCA Cycle is centered.

― What is Ecopro21 and electricity visualization? ―

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