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┃Features and Specifications of Ecopro21

Enhanced functions for energy conservation

  • ■ Analysis Graph

    Analysis graph
    With a daily comparative graph, reduction points are visible at a glance.
    • Ecopro21's exclusive 12 graph types
      "Daily Analysis" (1 day / Maximum and minimum values/ 10-minute increments)
      "Weekly Analysis" (1 Week / Daily denominations / Variance)
      "Monthly Analysis" (1 month / Per day of the week / Load factor)
      "Yearly Analysis" (1 year / Seasonal / Load factor)
    • Optional intervals (comparative by date, day, week, month, year)
    • Automatic calculation of electric costs and CO2 emissions
    • Input and comparison of electricity data before installation
    • Optional support for temperature graph
    • CSV output support for all graphs
    • Consideration for meter-reading days and holidays
  • ■ Demand Alarm

    Demand alarm
    Prompt e-mail delivery of demand alarm to mobile phone, PC, etc.
    • Two-stage alarm (20 minutes and 10 minutes before) notices based on predictive calculation of power consumption
    • Support for seasonal and detailed target settings (up to 36 patterns can be set)
    • Recipients of demand alarms can be freely added or deleted
    • Support for alarm history analysis
    • Optional combination with buzzer or flashing lights, etc.
  • ■ Reduction Progress Management

    Reduction progress management
    At a glance, know the progress status towards reduction targets for electric consumption
    • Easy to understand progress graph
    • List of reduction targets and actual performance
    • Compliance with laws and regulations such as energy conservation laws, global warming laws, etc. as well as energy management
  • ■ Bulletin Board

    Bulletin board
    Records of energy conservation, questions, support services, and a variety of other uses
    • Record of energy conservation activities
    • In-house energy conservation bulletin board
    • Questions and various support services for operational procedures
    • Consultation area
  • ■ Viewability

    Viewable to the average employee, an enterprise-wide awareness on energy conservation can be achieved. Since it can be viewed using a web browser, installation is possible with even just one PC unit.
    • Aside from a graph display, current energy usage can be easily understood in three levels
    • Users can choose their favorite design from preset designs
  • ■ Group Function

    Headquarters function
    Multiple facilities can be managed from a remote area. With a highly customizeable aggregation, it promotes enterprise-wide energy management through ranking.
    • Enterprise-wide centralized management or group management of all facilities
    • Group aggregation features
    • System aggregation across facilities (aggregation of air conditioning only across multiple facilities, etc.)
    • Ranking display
    • Optional User Account set-up (with Add and Edit functions)

Supported Browsers

・Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
・Mozilla Firefox Version 10 or later
・Google Chrome
* Please contact us regarding other browsers.

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