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┃About Ecopro21

Effective Visualization Whenever, Wherever, for Whoever

  • ■ Whenever

    Real-time checking of conditions
    • Shows the latest measurement data every 10 minutes
    • Immediate countermeasures mean immediate effectivity
    • Energy conservation can be readily checked and verified

    Immediate cost reduction effects!
  • ■ Wherever

    Available anywhere through the Internet
    • Viewable from any PC, tablet PC, smartphone, etc. with no need for any exclusive terminal or software
    • Viewable from remote sites
    • With only a mobile phone, you can receive demand alarms anywhere

    Cost reduction without restrictions in location!
  • ■ Whoever

    User-friendly, can be used even without specialized knowledge
    • Numerous analytic functions to understand reduction points
    • Can be understood in one glance and used by anyone
    • Intuitive easy operation through web browser usage

    Cost reduction through employees' full participation!
  • ■ Effective

    Mechanisms for cost reduction
    • Analytic capabilities and various functions anchored on expertise and numerous track records in power saving and energy conservation
    • Maintaining motivation through cost (price) display
    • Using the progress management function, steady reduction can be achieved

    Reliable cost reduction!

Also with the following uses:

  • ■ Viewability

    Viewability for everyone
    • Employees' increased awareness in energy conservation
    • Appealing corporate CSR for company visitors
    • Combination with digital signage, etc.

    From "Visualization" to "Viewability"
  • ■ Collective Management

    Company-wide management through collective control
    • Centralized management for mulitple facilities
    • Customizable grouping and aggregation
    • Reduction rate ranking as competition

    Towards overall corporate managment
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