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With over 2,500 installations, we have learned that all facilities which use electricity can cut down on electric expenses through operational improvement methods (ecokaizen).
Here are some clients who have used ecokaizen's definite cost reduction services.
  • ■Logistic Companies

    Although there seem to be numerous administrators with a high consciousness on energy conservation, there are also a number of people who think that operational improvement is inherently unsuitable for this industry. However, through ecokaizen, electric cost was significantly reduced.
  • ■Distribution Companies

    This is an industry with a high consciousness regarding peak-cutting and energy conservation as well as electric cost reduction. However, depending on a company's equipment system, there are many facilities where effective results are not achieved.
    Through ecokaizen and the determination of equipment systems, basic charges and usage fees have been significantly reduced.
  • ■Schools

    Cooperation between teachers, students, and the management will lead to effective energy conservation.
    Through ecokaizen, individual standpoints and roles were determined, energy conservation methods were carried out, and reduction results were achieved.
  • ■Medical and Nursing Care Facilities

    As an industry involving human life, energy conservation seems to be more focused on knowledge rather than active application.
    However, because of tight power demands resulting to power conservation appeals or a part of management rationalizations, a trend towards active energy conservation can be observed.
    Due to the organization's vertical structure, it is difficult to carry out overall conservation. However, through ecokaizen's construction and application of an organizational energy conservation system, reduction results are being improved.
  • ■Entertainment Facilities

    Recently, an increasing number of stores have started implementing energy conservation. However, it seems that most of their electric bills did not decrease as expected.
    Through ecokaizen's effective energy-conserving techniques, electric cost was significantly reduced.
  • ■Accommodations (On-going preparations)

    In a company, there will surely be a facility personnel familiar with energy conservation methods through learning from the facilitiy's equipment. In most cases, conservation efforts are also implemented by this facility personnel.
    Employing both ecokaizen's energy conservation from the standpoint of electric cost and the facility personnel's expertise, an overall utilization towards significant and effective conservation can be achieved.
  • ■Restaurants (On-going preparations)

    Unique to this industry, most establishments frequently use air conditioning and other equipment until late at night.
    Through ecokaizen, significant electric cost reduction was achieved by reviewing the company's electric contract and developing methods for equipment operations.
  • ■Rental Facilities (On-going preparations)

    In this industry, energy conservation approaches will vary depending on contract contents.
    Through conducting ecokaizen, re-checking of contract contents and developing contents-based energy conservation techniques, electric cost reduction can be successfully achieved.

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