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When will I have investment results?

Although depending on business category and scale, the company offers its services based on a within-one-year investment return. If 2 years worth of electric usage information is available, a simple diagnosis and reduction estimate is possible.

By employing your services, to what extent is cost reduction possible?

For industries with effective operational improvement, an average of 20% cost reduction can be achieved, with a case of up to 50% maximum reduction. An average of more than 10% reduction is achieved for all business categories.

What kind of expenses are required for the installation?

Initial expenses include the electricity measuring device and its installation. Cost for system use and customer support is on a monthly basis.

■About Ecopro21

What features are included in Ecopro21?

Ecopro21 offers various features anchored on more than 10 years of know-how and numerous reduction track records. For more details, please click here.

What kind of support can we receive?

We answer questions relating to management or operation methods and offer consultation with regards to energy conservation, in addition to various other support services. For concerns, please contact us via phone or e-mail. We also provide a contact center via our homepage.

Are there version upgrades? Do I need to pay for them?

Yes, we provide version upgrades to improve functionality and usage, aiming to continually support your energy conservation needs. (Version 4 as of December 2012). No, version upgrades do not require additional payment.

How many installations have you done so far?

So far, Ecopro has around 2,500 installations in corporate facilities and around 1,000 in households. For installation examples, please click here.

What are the operating requirements?

The following web browsers are recommended.
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
- Mozilla Firefox version 10 or later
- Google Chrome
* Please contact us regarding other browsers.

■About "Demand Alarm"

In what form will I receive the "demand alarm"?

Ecopro21 delivers "demand alarms" by e-mail accessible through your computers. When sent to your mobile phone, it can also be accessed anywhere. As an added option, we offer support for non-mail alarms such as flashing lights, buzzer, etc. in a form suited to your needs.

How does the "demand alarm" work?

The demand value is twice the electricity usage in a span of 30 minutes. At 10 and 20 minutes, predictive calculation of the demand value takes place and the alarm goes off when it nearly reaches a previously-set target value. Subsequently, you will receive an e-mail informing if you have either exceeded the value or stayed below it.

■About ecokaizen

What is ecokaizen?

ecokaizen aims at mastery of techniques and actual organizational electric cost reduction through workshops for company-wide conservation and energy saving activities. It is a practice and case-oriented consulting with consultants going for on-location visits and creating rules and plans hand in hand with the employees.

What are the contents of ecokaizen?

ecokaizen includes carrying out an opening seminar, field survey, closing seminar and on-site stationing - in that order. Through this curriculum, we create operational improvement rules (ecokaizen program plan) suited to your needs. For more information, please click here.

How long is the ecokaizen curriculum? When will the effects take place?

Aiming at the establishment of energy conservation and power-saving activities, ecokaizen takes about 2 months. In most cases, effects take place a few weeks after the curriculum has been started.

What is an ecokaizen program plan?

An ecokaizen program plan ensures organized program execution. It includes establishing reduction targets and determining energy conservation methods as well as counter-measures for peak periods, after identifying the operating conditions of equipments.

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