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┃Ecopro21 : For Worries on Energy Conservation Methods

There are various techniques in reducing electric costs. Up until now, the most common was to install an energy-saving equipment to decrease electric bills. However, installation costs are too expensive and cost-effectiveness take as long as 4 to 20 years, without sufficient efficiency.
Additionally, the easiest technique is to review contract details with the electric company. Present situations show us, however, that despite reviewing contract contents, there have been many cases where the reduced amount is minimal.
It is here where an energy conservation system (operational improvement) through visualization, with a high reduction amount and low investment costs has emerged.

Operational Improvement: Highly efficient energy conservation method

  Outline of activities Specific example Investment Recovery
Direct savings from
cost reduction
Change in contract contents of electricity charges Nighttime power consumption Low or unneccessary High
Consistent efforts in energy conservation,
Disposal of unneeded equipment
Diligently turning off lighting, equipment, and machines Low or unnecessary High
Energy conservation
(usage optimization)
Switching to energy-saving equipment Switching to LED lighting High to extremely high Extremely high
Energy creation
(creation of
usable technology)
Effective use of new or untapped energy sources,
Collection and use of waste-to-energy
Use of solar power,
Cogeneration system
Necessary fees for development,
High to extremely high

■Ecopro proposes operational improvements which go beyond energy conservation activities.

  • Disseminate information on how electricity bills are structured, and carry out effective energy conservation.
  • Carry out effective energy conservation by understanding equipment features.
  • Increase effectivity by engaging overall efforts, not only relying on the person-in-charge.
  • Support discussions with electric companies to increase reduction results.
  • Establish a plan and perform continuous follow-ups

Procedure for electric cost reduction

The procedure for electric cost reduction involves three steps.

We offer services that can help reduce electric costs.
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